• Apr 13, 2004
  • 98 min
  • Full-HD

13 Going on 30 (2004)

A girl who's sick of the social strictures of junior high is transformed into a grownup overnight. In this feel-good fairy tale, teenager Jenna wants a boyfriend, and when she's unable to find one, she fantasizes about being a well-adjusted adult. Suddenly, her secret desire becomes a reality, and she is transformed into a 30-year-old, but adulthood, with its own set of male-female challenges, isn't as easy as it looks.

United States of America
Columbia Pictures Revolution Studios Thirteen Productions

Jennifer Garner

Jenna Rink

Mark Ruffalo

Matt Flamhaff

Judy Greer

Lucy Wyman

Andy Serkis

Richard Kneeland

Kathy Baker

Bev Rink

Phil Reeves

Wayne Rink

Sam Ball

Alex Carlson

Marcia DeBonis


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