• May 27, 2024
  • 118 min
  • Full-HD

Salinger's Two Dark Muses (2024)

Vincent Salinger, an edgy uninspired poet, fumes at being spurned by his publisher. Suspecting his work and life mean nothing, Vincent seeks new inspiration. An unexpected visit from quasi-demonic friend of poetry introduces Vincent to a clever East-European escort girl who thinks up a literary hoax for success but at the risk of Vincent losing his integrity and identity. Things become more complicated when a rival muse falls in love with Vincent and Vincent's hoax suddenly materializes to haunt him.


Denis Burke

Vincent Salinger

Borislava Todorova

Zarina Kovacs

Delphine Ural

Marta Radu

Herman Duchenne

Edward Mackerel

Oskar Fridstrand

W. S. Flint

Lorena Ciubotaru

Delores Ashley

Keith F. Day

Julian Clavel

Rogier Bak

Mark Quinn