• Nov 09, 2023
  • 175 min
  • Full-HD

Lubo (2023)

Lubo Moser is a jenisch, a gypsy. Mirana, who tried to oppose him, was killed. But how could this have happened? Why? Because Switzerland considers nomadism a social scourge, and, to eradicate it, it takes the children of the jenisch. Thus, without children, the Jenisch will be without a future. The mastermind is a state-run humanitarian institution, Pro Juventute, the arm the Street Children's Work: everything is perfectly legal and there is no opposition to the law. Lubo feels himself dying. And something about him really does die, on that night of wind and snow: it will be a new Lubo, tough and impenetrable, who will set up a project with unexpected implications to avenge his family and his people... and it will lead us to rethink the sense of justice, in the blurred boundaries between good and evil.

Italy Switzerland
Aranciafilm RAI Cinema Indiana Production Hugofilm RSI Proxima Milano

Franz Rogowski


Christophe Sermet


Valentina Bellè


Noemi Besedes


Joel Basman

Bruno Reiter

Oliver Ewy

Christian Bianco

Cécilia Steiner


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