• Oct 21, 2023
  • 99 min
  • Full-HD

Palazzina LAF (2023)

Caterino is a worker at the Ilva factory in Taranto. When the company executives decide to use him as a spy to identify the workers they should get rid of, Caterino starts to track his colleagues, in search of reasons to report them. He then asks to be assigned himself to the Palazzino LAF where as punishment, some employees sit out their time with no job assignment. There he discovers that what looks like paradise is actually a strategy to psychologically break troublesome workers.

France Italy
Palomar Bravo BIM Produzione Paprika Films RAI Cinema MiC Regione Puglia Apulia Film Commission

Michele Riondino

Caterino Lamanna

Elio Germano

Giancarlo Basile

Vanessa Scalera

Tiziana Lagioia

Anna Ferruzzo

Pubblico Ministero

Domenico Fortunato

Angelo Caramia

Giovanni D'Addario

Franco Orlando

Michele Sinisi

Aldo Romanazzi

Fulvio Pepe

Renato Morra

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