• Jan 22, 2023
  • 157 min
  • Full-HD

Full River Red (2023)

During China's Song Dynasty, A mysterious murder occurs at Chancellor Quin Hui's residence after meeting delegates from the neighboring Jin Dynasty. The members become embroiled not just in a murder mystery, but a larger conspiracy concerning the fate of the empire.

Huanxi Media Group Edko Films

Shen Teng

Zhang Da / 张大

Jackson Yee

Sun Jun / 孙均

Zhang Yi

He Li / 何立

Lei Jiayin

Qin Hui / 秦桧

Yunpeng Yue

Wu Yichun / 武义淳

Wang Jiayi

Zither / 瑶琴

Pan Binlong

Ding Sanwang / 丁三旺

Yu Ailei

Liu Xi / 刘喜

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