• Mar 08, 2023
  • 109 min
  • Full-HD

Faraway (2023)

Zeynap Altin is at the end of her tether: she works far too much and is not valued at all by her husband, daughter and father. To make matters worse, the funeral home dressed her beloved late mother in a man's suit instead of her favorite dress. Enough is enough: Zeynep flees from Munich to the previously unknown holiday home on a Croatian island that her mother secretly bought years ago - with the hope of finding quiet, peace and herself there. If only the previous owner Josip, a rough islander, didn't still live on the same property and annoy her with his views and wisdom.

Germany Croatia
Pakt Media Hrvatski Audiovizualni Centar OLGA FILM

Naomi Krauss

Zeynap Altin

Goran Bogdan

Josip Cega

Adnan Maral

Ilyas Altin

Bahar Balci

Fia Altin

Vedat Erincin

Doruk Bilici

Artjom Gilz


Davor Tomić

Dražen Cega

Mladen Vasary

Uncle Franjo

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