• Mar 14, 2003
  • 100 min
  • Full-HD

Willard (2003)

Desperate for companionship, the repressed Willard befriends a group of rats that inhabit his late father's deteriorating mansion. In these furry creatures, Willard finds temporary refuge from daily abuse at the hands of his bedridden mother and his father's old partner, Frank. Soon it becomes clear that the brood of rodents is ready and willing to exact a vicious, deadly revenge on anyone who dares to bully their sensitive new master.

United States of America
Hard Eight Pictures New Line Cinema

Crispin Glover

Willard Stiles

R. Lee Ermey

Mr. Martin

Laura Harring


Jackie Burroughs

Mrs. Stiles

Ashlyn Gere

Ms. Leach

Laara Sadiq

Janice Mantis

William S. Taylor

Mr. Garter

Ty Olsson

Officer Salmon

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