• Nov 02, 2023
  • 89 min
  • Full-HD

Welcome to the Family: Chef from Naples (2023)

Leonid is the head of the mafia and the Godfather of the city. He returns home to his family from another one of his “business trips”. His homecoming is marked by a flurry of unresolved matters that demand his immediate attention. In his large dimly lit office, Leonid is confronted by unfamiliar faces seeking his assistance. A local restaurateur asks for his intervention in a dispute involving his partner – Сhef Giacomo. This Italian man took his money to launch the restaurant, but it is still doesn’t work. Therefore, the restaurateur wants to get his investment back and exit the business. Leonid promises to resolve the issue. However, after befriending Chef Giacomo, he "buys out" the restaurateur's share and grandly opens "Vesuvius", unaware that he has fallen into a trap that will change his life and subject to a real test his family's strength...

Arna Media

Vladimir Sychev

Svetlana Kamynina

Kristina Stroiteleva

Vyacheslav Morozov

Igor Yasulovich

Dimitriy Krasilov

Tornike Kvitatiani

Alessandro Demcenko

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