• Jun 18, 1976
  • 132 min
  • Full-HD

Midway (1976)

This war drama depicts the U.S. and Japanese forces in the naval Battle of Midway, which became a turning point for Americans during World War II.

United States of America
The Mirisch Company Universal Pictures

Charlton Heston

Capt. Matthew Garth

Henry Fonda

Adm. Chester W. Nimitz

James Coburn

Capt. Vinton Maddox

Glenn Ford

Rear Admiral Raymond A. Spruance

Hal Holbrook

Cmdr. Joseph Rochefort

Robert Mitchum

Vice Adm. William F. 'Bull' Halsey Jr.

Toshirō Mifune

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

Cliff Robertson

Cmdr. Jessop

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