• Sep 30, 2023
  • 84 min
  • Full-HD

A Very Venice Romance (2023)

Amy is a New York City executive working for Blossom, a wellness company that has been trying to launch deliverable meal prep kits. She needs to find a chef to help guide the venture and tries to woo Marcello Barone, an Italian chef. When Amy contacts him, he turns her down -- Marcello got burned in the past by the New York restaurant scene and is now enjoying running a cooking school in Venice. To try and persuade him, Amy enrolls in his cooking school, which is located in a stunning Venetian palazzo. While there, Marcello introduces Amy to the slow-paced pleasures of Italy and shows her how the kits can be healthy by using fresh ingredients. But when the cooking course is over, and Amy fails to lure Marcello back to New York, will she go back or stay in Venice?

United States of America

Stephanie Leonidas


Raniero Monaco Di Lapio

Marcello Barone

Max Krause


J.R. Esposito

Dr. Higgins

Alberto Basaluzzo


Giovanni James Bertoia


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