• Feb 01, 2024
  • 90 min
  • Full-HD

Truth (2024)

Again, a commotion in a small Volga town, a girl disappeared again, they are again looking for a maniac. Zhenya is the only one who knows the truth: the death of the child was an accident. Actually, the girl died almost before his eyes. Only he does not dare to tell this truth to anyone. The fact is that Zhenya was released from prison a couple of days ago, and the sister of the deceased child is Zhenya's ex-girlfriend who left him. The ideal accused. And Zhenya embarks on a difficult, humiliating, dangerous operation to secretly bury a corpse, but if he can go to the end in his deceit, he will lose himself.

Change Film Company Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

Kuzma Kotrelev

Kirill Käro

Mikhail Troynik

Aleksandra Drozdova

Sergey Muravyov

Semen Barkov

Igor Kartashev

Maria Bubenshchikova

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