• Feb 01, 2024
  • 110 min
  • Full-HD

A Million Minutes (2024)

Vera and Wolf Küper live in Berlin with their 5-year-old daughter Nina and their one-year-old son Simon. Vera takes care of the children and the household alongside a part-time job, while Wolf works as a scientific advisor to the UN, trying to raise awareness of the seriousness of the coming climate catastrophe. The stressful everyday life in a system that is not exactly family-friendly puts increasing strain on the young family and the couple's relationship. The Küper family's way of life is finally shaken to the core when little Nina is diagnosed with a fine motor and coordination disorder. At this moment, Wolf remembers a wish that his daughter expressed shortly before going to bed. Nina would like to have a million minutes, just for the really nice things.

Hellinger / Doll Filmproduktion Warner Bros. Film Productions Germany herbX Film Erfttal Film

Karoline Herfurth

Vera Küper

Tom Schilling

Wolf Küper

Joachim Król

Werner Küper

Ulrike Kriener

Regina Küper

Pola Friedrichs

Nina Küper

Piet Levi Busch

Hassan Akkouch


Anneke Kim Sarnau

Claudia Hergenrath

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