• Sep 24, 1987
  • 98 min
  • Full-HD

Looking for Eileen (1987)

After his wife Marjan has died in a car crash, Philip de Wit becomes a total wreck. Only after months does he return to a more or less normal life and even then he only works in his wife's bookstore. A year later Eileen walks in the store, a girl from Northern Ireland with her baby in her arms. When Philip sees her, he's dumbfounded, for she's the spitting image of his dead wife. Obsessed with her, he goes and tries to find her again, but he soon finds out that he's not the only one who's looking for Eileen.


Thom Hoffman

Philip de Wit

Lysette Anthony

Marian Faber / Eileen W.

Marijke Veugelers

Stem van Marian Faber-Eileen W.

John van Dreelen

Philips vader

Kenneth Herdigein


Hans Kemna

Henk Faber

John Landwehr


Maan Leo

Eileens baby

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