• May 12, 2024
  • 52 min
  • Full-HD

Pink Triangles, Homosexuals Facing Nazism (2024)

A documentary that traces the lives of men and women persecuted by the Third Reich because of their sexual orientation. Beginning with the social and political context of the 1920s, when European society still "tolerated" homosexuality, it details the mechanisms of repression and brings to life the hell experienced by the victims in the concentration camps. It also recalls the long road traveled by the victims to obtain the decriminalization of homosexuality and recognition of the harm suffered during this dark period in history. While the film traces the martyrdom of homosexuals and lesbians, it does not fail to place this story in a wider perspective and to bring together in a single memory all the victims of Nazi cruelty.

Ladybirds Films French Kiss Production France Télévisions Histoire TV

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