• Nov 19, 2023
  • 52 min
  • Full-HD

Devenir roi (2023)

Cha is Drag King: on stage, hairy, with a big voice and virile gestures, he calls himself PowerBeauTom, plays with the codes of masculinity and plays his character to get as close as possible to what he really is, neither a man nor a woman, but simply a little of both. Assigned female at birth, now identifying himself as non-binary, Cha (23) has come a long way to become King, a life of zig-zagging genders and sexual orientations. Her father followed in her footsteps, without understanding everything, but with kindness. His grandmother supported him, as she had always supported just causes. Another family appeared, that of the Kings. Cha takes flight, at last, and sings it, guitar in hand. But has Cha arrived safely? Will the Drag King stage remain the only space in which he can feel himself on a daily basis?


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