• Apr 01, 1996
  • 80 min
  • Full-HD

Cassiopeia (1996)

The story of the planet Athena, located in the Cassiopeia constellation, which one day is attacked by space invaders who begin to suck its vital energy. A distress signal is sent into outer space by local astronomer Liza and picked up by four heroes who travel across the galaxy to save the planet.


Osmar Prado

Leonardo (voice)

Jonas Mello

Shadowseat (voice)

Marcelo Campos

Chip (voice)

Cassius Romero

Chop (voice)

Aldo César

Commander (voice)

Fábio Moura

Feel (voice)

Hermes Baroli

Thot (voice)

Rosa Maria Rodrigues Baróli

Lisa (voice)

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