• Dec 21, 1988
  • 45 min
  • Full-HD

Space Family Carlvinson (1988)

After hitting a passing spaceship and causing it to crash, a troupe of aliens and robots rescue the only survivor. It is a human baby named Corona that they decide to raise on their own, using the data they retrieved from the computer to mimic the life she would have had on Earth.

Doga Kobo APU Studio Studio Cosmos Tokuma Shoten

Mayumi Shou

Corona (voice)

Tessyo Genda

Father (voice)

Toshiko Fujita

Mother (voice)

Yuji Mitsuya

Andy (voice)

Tsutomu Kashiwakura

Jisso (voice)

Yuko Mizutani

Beruka (voice)

Yoshino Takamori

Teacher (voice)

Norio Wakamoto

Ken (voice)

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