• May 11, 2024
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  • Full-HD

Mente Distorcida - Corte do Diretor (2024)

Hugo and Raul Abilio are brothers from a rich family in 1947's Rio de Janeiro. Raul, the older brother, is antisocial, cold, insecure and suffers from mental disorders. Hugo, on the other hand, is completely different, He is charismatic, kind and self-confident. The two meet Helena, the new girl in town, and fall in love with her without knowing their interest in the same woman.

Creative Infinity

John John Sampaio

Hugo Abílio

Rodrigo Domingues

Raul Abílio

Beatriz Escobar

Helena Mancini

Marcio Mainiere

Augusto Abílio

Jakyson Oliveira

Homem Misterioso

Maria Eduarda Leiras


João Vitor Martins


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