• Oct 27, 1985
  • 95 min
  • Full-HD

Hong Kong Godfather (1985)

After receiving a life imprisonment sentence for a NY Chinatown massacre, Jia Shi Lan, alias Hei Lan, obtains a pardon through the Mafia's influence. Returning to Hong Kong, Hei Lan attempts to use the stature and fortitude of Brother Han, an elder, but good-natured underworld boss, to gain power and spread the Mafia's influence throughout Southeast Asia. After a deadly double cross leaves many of Han's society dead, two former members, one a cop, the other a florist, and the sole remaining loyalist join forces to bring down the criminal empire of Hei Lan.

Hong Kong
Shaw Brothers

Norman Chui Siu-Keung

Fa Tsai-lung

Bryan Leung

Mad Wei

Richard Cheung Kuen

Sergeant Lam

Shum Wai

Rotten Chi

Wong Chun

Jiaxi Lan

Sek Kin

Boss Han

Kong Lung

Ting No. 3

Hsu Shu-Yuan


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