• Oct 04, 1972
  • 123 min
  • Full-HD

The Assassination (1972)

Darien, a left-wing police informant, is forced to lure his old friend Sadiel to Paris, allegedly to film a television special about the Third World. Sadiel, the exiled leader of a North African state, is being hunted by the ruthless Colonel Kassar, who will stop at nothing to capture his political rival. Once Sadiel arrives in Paris, Darien realizes he has been manipulated. He tries to turn back the clock, not realizing what or who he’s truly dealing with.

France Germany Italy
AMLF Corona Filmproduktion Sancrosiap Terzafilm Produzione Indipendente Transinter Films

Jean-Louis Trintignant

François Darien

Michel Piccoli

Colonel Kassar

Jean Seberg

Edith Lemoine

Gian Maria Volonté


Michel Bouquet


Bruno Cremer

Michel Vigneau

Daniel Ivernel

Antoine Acconetti

Philippe Noiret

Pierre Garcin

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