• Jun 21, 1993
  • 54 min
  • Full-HD

Battle Angel (1993)

In his travels as a bounty hunter, Hunter–Warrior and cyborg healer Ido one day discovers and repairs the remnants of a cyborg whom he names Gally. Though possessing the body of a young woman, Gally now embodies Ido's most sophisticated and lethal cybernetic skills. The preternaturally strong, amnesiac Gally begins to forge a life for herself in a world where every day is a struggle for survival.

KSS Atelier BWCA Sound Box Madhouse Animate Film movic

Miki Ito

Gally (voice)

Shunsuke Kariya

Daisuke Ido (voice)

Kappei Yamaguchi

Yūgo (voice)

Mami Koyama

Chiren (voice)

Shigeru Chiba

Vector (voice)

Ryuuzaburou Ootomo

Grewcica (voice)

Kazuhiko Kishino

Gonz (voice)

Koji Totani

Zavan (voice)

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