• Jun 27, 2007
  • 144 min
  • Full-HD

Transformers (2007)

Young teenager Sam Witwicky becomes involved in the ancient struggle between two extraterrestrial factions of transforming robots – the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons. Sam holds the clue to unimaginable power and the Decepticons will stop at nothing to retrieve it.

United States of America
DreamWorks Pictures di Bonaventura Pictures DeSanto/Murphy Productions Paramount Pictures

Shia LaBeouf

Sam Witwicky

Megan Fox

Mikaela Banes

Mark Ryan

Bumblebee (voice)

Peter Cullen

Optimus Prime (voice)

Hugo Weaving

Megatron (voice)

Josh Duhamel

Captain Lennox

Tyrese Gibson

USAF Tech Sergeant Epps

Rachael Taylor

Maggie Madsen

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