• Sep 13, 1956
  • 80 min
  • Full-HD

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (1956)

A newspaper publisher, wanting to prove a point about the insufficiency of circumstantial evidence, talks his possible son-in-law Tom into a hoax in an attempt to expose ineptitude of the city's hard-line district attorney. The plan is to have Tom plant clues leading to his arrest for killing a female nightclub dancer. Once Tom is found guilty, he is to reveal the setup and humiliate the DA.

United States of America
Bert E. Friedlob Productions RKO Radio Pictures

Dana Andrews

Tom Garrett

Joan Fontaine

Susan Spencer

Sidney Blackmer

Austin Spencer

Arthur Franz

Bob Hale

Philip Bourneuf

Roy Thompson

Edward Binns

Lt. Kennedy

Shepperd Strudwick

Jonathan Wilson

Robin Raymond

Terry Larue

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