• Nov 13, 1994
  • 110 min
  • Full-HD

A Child's Cry for Help (1994)

A recently widowed doctor moves with her daughter to start at a new hospital. While there a loving mother brings her son in for treatment. The doctor suspects that there is something wrong, and theorizes that the mother is deliberately making her son sick so that she could bring him to the hospital for the attention that it gives her. When the doctor decides to restrict the mother's access to her son and is reporting her to child services, the mother in turn decides to sue the doctor and the hospital. And some of the hospital board don't agree with her diagnosis or think that she's over-reacting. And even while the mother's not allowed access to her son, he is still sick, so is the doctor right or wrong?

United States of America
Hallmark Entertainment NBC

Veronica Hamel

Dr. Paula Spencer

Pam Dawber

Monica Shaw

Daniel Hugh Kelly

Donald Prescott

Lisa Jakub

Amanda Spencer

Cynthia Martells


Daniel Benzali

Dr. Everett Morris

James Pickens Jr.

Brad Currie

Jeff Williams

Dr. Alec Jefferson

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