• Sep 19, 2013
  • 90 min
  • Full-HD

A Street in Palermo (2013)

Shut inside their cars, two women face off in a silent duel that is fought out in the intimate violence of their stares. A wholly female duel punctuated by the refusal to drink, eat and sleep; more obstinate than the sun of Palermo and more stubborn than the ferocity of the men who surround them. For, as in every duel, it is a question of life or death... It’s a Sunday afternoon. The sirocco is blowing pitilessly in Palermo when Rosa and Clara lose their way in the streets of the city and end up in a sort of alley: Via Castellana Bandiera. At the same moment, another car driven by Samira, crammed with members of the Calafiore family, arrives from the opposite direction and enters the same street.

France Italy Switzerland
Vivo Film Offside Wildside Ventura Film Slot Machine

Emma Dante


Alba Rohrwacher


Elena Cotta


Renato Malfatti

Saro Calafiore

Dario Casarolo


Carmine Maringola

Filippo Mangiapane

Sandro Maria Campagna


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