• Jan 17, 1999
  • 81 min
  • Full-HD

Raped by an Angel 4: The Rapist's Union (1999)

CIA agent turned HIV positive sexual predator Daniel (Ben Ng) uses his wealth and collection of high-tech gadgets to prey on unsuspecting women. After arranging for the prison breakout of notorious rapists "Rain Killer" Chan Kok-Wan (Ankee Leung) and "Tuen Mun Rapist" Ko Sheung-wai ( Chan Chi-Fai), Daniel invites the men to ravage the two women he has chained in the basement. He next sets his sights on Kwan Shi-han (Suki Kwan), the romance novelist next door, but, first, preys on her movie star friend, Icy (Yeung Fan). Desperate for a lead, the police consult a semi-reformed deviant known as "The Human Milk Drinking Doctor" (Anthony Wong), who used to prey on lactating women and now controls his sexual urges by working as a porno theatre projectionist.

Hong Kong
China Star Entertainment Jing's Production Limited

Nick Cheung

Smart Fai

Suki Kwan Sau-Mei

Kwan Shi-An

Sherming Yiu


Kingdom Yuen


Anthony Wong Chau-Sang


Athena Chu

Miss Po-Wan

Ben Ng Ngai-Cheung


Ankee Leung Chi-On

Chan Kwok-Wan

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