• Jan 15, 2014
  • 115 min
  • Full-HD

Bride for Rent (2014)

On the eve of his 25th birthday, the day he’s set to receive money from his trust fund, Rocco parties, gets drunk and loses all his money on a poker match. His dilemma: He has to produce the amount, otherwise he will lose the client he needs to defeat his father’s TV commercial production company. Meanwhile, Rocky also needs money to pay the rent, otherwise her family will be homeless. There’s only one way for Rocco to be able to get money from his trust fund: Fulfill the conditions set by his grandmother and that is to get married. Rocky agrees to act as Rocco’s pseudo wife in exchange for a “talent fee.” They seal the deal. As they live like a married couple, Rocco and Rocky face one problem after another, forcing them with no alternative but to reconcile their differences and work with each other. Complication arises when they start to feel for each other, with their bond getting closer.

Star Cinema – ABS-CBN Film Productions

Kim Chiu

Raquelita "Rocky" Dela Cruz

Xian Lim

Roderico "Rocco" Espiritu Jr.

Empoy Marquez

Javier Jakobsen

Martin del Rosario

Mik Antonio

Pilita Corrales

Lala Avelina Corazon

Tirso Cruz III

Roderico Espiritu Sr.

Dennis Padilla

Nitoy Dela Cruz

Matt Evans

Onyok Dela Cruz

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