• Sep 14, 2012
  • 92 min
  • Full-HD

3rd Reich Mothers, in the Name of the Master Race (2012)

Two beautiful and different girls, Alice and Lisette are 17 years old, when forcibly removed from their Alsatian family to cooperate in the war effort in Germany. After spending six months in a indoctrination camp, they are both sent to a munitions factory where they are tasked to perform inhuman works. An explosion erupts, they are suspected of sabotage and threatened with being sent to a boot camp. Alice and Lisette believe they saved when transferred to a maternity where they continue living the hell of war.

Italique Productions France Télévisions La Communauté Urbaine de Strasbourg CNC

Flore Bonaventura

Alice Fabre / Alicia Faberlicht

Louise Herrero

Lisette Weiss

Pierre Kiwitt

Hugo Steiner

Matthias Dietrich


Manuela Biedermann

Inge Sprenger

Oliver Walser


Macha Méril

Alice Fabre (old)

Karoly Felfoldy

Hugo Steiner (old)

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