• Mar 07, 2014
  • 107 min
  • Full-HD

Stones for the Rampart (2014)

To be defeated and not be - a victory. This is the motto that life is guided by three young friends: Alek, Sophy and Rudy. Scouts, high school graduates high school in Warsaw drifting ambitious plans for the future broken through September 1939. Entering adulthood in a very dramatic times, which puts them a choice - to survive at any cost, or to join the fighting for a free homeland, risking everything. The boys brought up in patriotic homes, shaped by the ideals of scouting, they decide to fight. They become soldiers, and although every scrape with death, they can live a full life.

Monolith Films

Tomasz Ziętek

Jan Bytnar "Rudy"

Marcel Sabat

Tadeusz Zawadzki "Zośka"

Kamil Szeptycki

Maciej Aleksy Dawidowski "Alek"

Magdalena Koleśnik


Sandra Staniszewska

Hala Glińska

Wojciech Zieliński

Stanislaw Broniewski 'Stefan Orsza'

Andrzej Chyra

major Jan Kiwerski "Dyrektor"

Danuta Stenka

Zdzisława Bytnarowa

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