• Apr 03, 1979
  • 110 min
  • Full-HD

Sin of an Angel (1979)

A being from a different plane decides to come down on earth to see how human beings are living; over there he meets a evil man who try to manipulate him to his personal benefit. The angel comes to Tomar to live with the people of the earth and lives among human beings, gets to know the magician Solomon who discovers that Tomar has a magical eye and convinces him to work with him, Solomon covets in his wife's sister Jasmine and rapes her, Solomon exploits that Tomar does not have His fingerprints persuade him to steal the treasury of the hotel where Solomon and Tomar present with them, but they fail to monitor the police for them.

Egyptian Company for Studios and Cinema


Merham / Yasmein

Hussein Fahmy

Toman / Saeed Asaad

Adel Adham


Salah Zulfikar


Mona Gabr


Salah Nazmi

Manager of Night Club

Zahret Al Oulaa


Abdel Raheem El Zorkani

The Great Mind

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