• May 31, 2004
  • 89 min
  • Full-HD

Ike: Countdown to D-Day (2004)

The story of the senior-level preparations for the D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944 from the time of Dwight D. Eisenhower's appointment as the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, to the establishment of the beachhead in Normandy.

United States of America
A&E Television Networks Lionel Chetwynd Productions Stephanie Germain Productions

Tom Selleck

General Dwight D. Eisenhower

James Remar

General Omar Bradley

Timothy Bottoms

Walter Bedell 'Beetle' Smith

Gerald McRaney

Lieutenant General George S. Patton

Ian Mune

Winston Churchill

Bruce Phillips

General Bernard Montgomery

John Bach

Air Marshal Leigh-Mallory

Nick Blake

Air Chef Marshall Tedder

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