• Mar 24, 1970
  • 90 min
  • Full-HD

Bloody Mama (1970)

Sexually abused as a young girl, Kate "Ma" Barker grows into a violent and powerful woman by the 1930s. She lovingly dominates her grown sons and grooms them into a pack of tough crooks. The boys include the cruel Herman, who still shares a bed with Ma; Fred, an ex-con who fell in love with a fellow prisoner; and Lloyd, who gets high on whatever's handy. Together they form a deadly, bizarre family of Depression-era bandits.

United States of America
American International Pictures

Shelley Winters

'Ma' Kate Barker

Pat Hingle

Sam Adams Pendlebury

Don Stroud

Herman Barker

Diane Varsi

Mona Gibson

Bruce Dern

Kevin Dirkman

Clint Kimbrough

Arthur Barker

Robert De Niro

Lloyd Barker

Robert Walden

Fred Barker

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