• Oct 12, 2001
  • 123 min
  • Full-HD

Bandits (2001)

After escaping from prison, Joe and Terry go on a crime spree, robbing banks through Oregon and California in order to finance their scheme for a new life south of the border. Unfortunately, things get more complicated when they meet Kate, who runs into them with her car. She joins the bandits on their cross-country spree, and eventually she steals something, too: their hearts.

United States of America
Epsilon Motion Pictures Lotus Pictures Baltimore/Spring Creek Pictures Cheyenne Enterprises Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Hyde Park Entertainment Empire Pictures

Bruce Willis

Joseph Blake

Billy Bob Thornton

Terry Lee Collins

Cate Blanchett

Kate Wheeler

Troy Garity

Harvey Pollard

William Converse-Roberts

Charles Wheeler

Brían F. O'Byrne

Darill Miller

Stacey Travis

Cloe Miller

Azura Skye


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