• Feb 02, 1983
  • 115 min
  • Full-HD

Jogo de Mão (1983)

In a unique approach to what amounts to four pseudo-morality plays, director Monique Rutler has a street entertainer with hand puppets summarize the characters and idea of each story. The first sketch is about a young man who shines shoes for a living, and tries to keep up a relationship with two women while convincing each she is his only true love. The next story is about a man who beats up his wife when he is drunk, and sells furs for a living. One day, as she is riding in the back of his truck with the furs, he hits a bad patch and she and some furs fall out. The question is, will the woman be enterprising and leave the jerk - or not? The third tale concerns a woman looking into how much control a prostitute has over her clients, and to really find out, she becomes a prostitute herself for awhile - leading to some quite unexpected situations. The last segment handles the uglier side of the life styles of the rich and famous.


Amílcar Botica


Márcia Breia

Maria Madalena

Orlando Costa


Júlio César


Isabel de Castro

Maria de Jesus

Zita Duarte


Henrique Espírito Santo

Tasca's Client

Rosa Lobato Faria


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