• Jun 25, 2015
  • 90 min
  • Full-HD

Family Holidays (2015)

The Kellys are a bourgeois family that have fallen into hard times. Deprived of the bragging rights of their typical summer vacation at a posh Chilean beach resort town, they pretend that they are instead going to Brazil for their vacation. They feign leaving on vacation but instead spend the time locked up at home and avoiding the suspicions of a nosy neighbor.


María Izquierdo

Sofía Arteaga

Julio Milostich

Juan Kelly

Alicia Rodríguez

Camila Kelly

Felipe Herrera

Alberto Kelly

Maricarmen Arrigorriaga

Susana Tocornal

Sergio Hernández

Miguel Arteaga

Silvia Santelices

Sofia's Mother

Marcial Edwards

Susana's Husband

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