• Jul 30, 2009
  • 33 min
  • Full-HD

K-CoreaINC. K (section a) (2009)

The video revolves around an unending "meeting" - a busy, aimless meeting that goes in circles to evade a traditional narrative arc. The meeting is essentially a party, and the entire company bumps and grinds with itself everywhere from in boardrooms to airplanes. K-Corea INC. K processes ideas of automation and containment, embodied by these hyper-controlled locations and by the seemingly looping actions that take place in them. Meetings, where discrete parts of a corporate body come together to attempt to "get on the same page," display the futility of corporate unity, and of individual purpose or voice remaining intact within a corporate culture.

United States of America
Fabric Workshop and Museum Goetz Collection The Moore Space

Telfar Clemens

Global Korea

Veronica Gelbaum

North America Korea 183 (Self Appointed Intern)

Raul de Nieves

Mexico Korea

Ryan Trecartin

USA Korea / Wait

Lizzie Fitch

Able / Jessica / Cindy / French Adaptation Korea

Laura Walpole

British Korea

Xavier Cha

General South America Korea

Solomon Chase

Argentinian Korea

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