• Dec 20, 1969
  • 70 min
  • Full-HD

All Monsters Attack (1969)

Ichiro Miki is a child living in the industrial district of Kawasaki, where his parents' constant struggle to make ends meet often leaves the schoolboy alone. Constantly teased by a bully nicknamed Gabara, his only friends are toy consultant Shinpei and fellow classmate Sachiko. Ichiro turns to escapist dreams of Monster Island where he befriends the equally bullied Minilla.


Tomonori Yazaki

Ichirō Miki

Hideyo Amamoto

Toy Consultant Shinpei Inami

Sachio Sakai

Bank Robber Senbayashi

Kazuo Suzuki

Bank Robber Okuda

Kenji Sahara

Kenkichi 'Tack' Miki

Machiko Naka

Tamie Miki

Shigeki Ishida


Midori Uchiyama

Minilla (voice)

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