• Feb 05, 1964
  • 112 min
  • Full-HD

That Man from Rio (1964)

French military man Adrien Dufourquet gets an eight-day furlough to visit his fiancée, Agnès. But when he arrives in Paris, he learns that her late father's partner, museum curator Professor Catalan, has just been kidnapped by a group of Amazon tribesmen who have also stolen a priceless statue from the museum. Adrien and Agnès pursue the kidnappers to Brazil, where they learn that the statue is the key to a hidden Amazon treasure.

Brazil France Italy
Les Productions Artistes Associés Les Films Ariane Dear Film

Jean-Paul Belmondo

Adrien Dufourquet

Françoise Dorléac

Agnès Villermosa

Jean Servais

Prof. Norbert Catalan

Simone Renant


Adolfo Celi

Señor Mario De Castro

Roger Dumas


Daniel Ceccaldi


Ubiracy De Oliveira

"Sir Winston"

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