• Feb 21, 1939
  • 82 min
  • Full-HD

Q Planes (1939)

In England, an eccentric police inspector, an earnest test pilot and a spunky female reporter team up to solve the mystery of a series of test aircraft which have disappeared without a trace while over the ocean on their maiden flights; unaware, as they are, that a spy ring has been shooting the planes down with a ray machine hidden aboard a salvage vessel which is on hand to haul the downed aircraft aboard, crews and all.

United Kingdom
Irving Asher Productions

Ralph Richardson

Maj. Charles Hammond

Laurence Olivier

Tony McVane

Valerie Hobson

Kay Lawrence

George Merritt

Mr. Barrett

George Curzon


Roy Emerton

Viking First Mate

Frank Fox


Gus McNaughton

Blenkinsop, Hammond's Butler

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