• Apr 28, 2010
  • 117 min
  • Full-HD

Comme les 5 doigts de la main (2010)

Five brothers similar yet different, raised by a mother widowed too early. One of them had left the family when he returns, pursued by a gang of smugglers, he find shelter in his family while reveling them a dark secret. The five brothers, together, will find the energy to defend themself and the means to avenge the memory of their murdered father...

Alexandre Films New Light Films

Vincent Elbaz

David Hayoun / Raymon Hayoun

Éric Caravaca

Julien Hayoun

Patrick Bruel

Dan Hayoun

Pascal Elbé

Jonathan Hayoun

Mathieu Delarive

Michael Hayoun

Françoise Fabian

Suzie Hayoun

Caterina Murino

Linda Hayoun

Marie Mouté

Irene Stano

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