• Jan 28, 1987
  • 94 min
  • Full-HD

Return to Horror High (1987)

A few years ago, a mysterious serial-killer caused panic on Crippen High School. The killer was never caught. A movie company, Cosmic Pictures, has decided to make a feature movie about these events - on location, at the now abandoned school. Since members of cast and crew disappear without a trace, it seems as if history is repeating itself...

United States of America
New World Pictures Balcor Film Investors

Lori Lethin

Callie Cassidy / Sarah Walker / Susan

Brendan Hughes

Steven Blake

Alex Rocco

Harry Sleerik

Scott Jacoby

Josh Forbes

Andy Romano

Principal Kastleman

Richard Brestoff

Arthur Lyman Kastleman

Al Fann


Pepper Martin

Chief Deyner

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