• Jan 01, 1975
  • 93 min
  • Full-HD

Bart LaRue's The Ark of Noah (1975)

A ship half the size of the Queen Mary, made of hand-tooled oak, lies frozen in a glacier on Mt. Ararat in northern Turkey. In this documentary, producer-director-actor Bart LaRue advances the theory that this ruined ship is Noah's Ark. LaRue became so obsessed with this theory that he risked his life to photograph every scrap of evidence he could glean, even bribing an entire company of Turkish soldiers on the Russian frontier to "look the other way" while he took a team of 17 pack horses and his film crew up the mountain. The legend of Noah and his magnificent ship has endured for centuries; now there is scientific proof that the legend is indeed reality. Now you can decide for yourself. Is this the real ARK OF NOAH?

United States of America
Janus of Hollywood Rainbow Adventure Film American National Enterprises

Bart La Rue


Curt Lowens

Fernand Navarra (voice)

Fernand Navarra


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