• Oct 18, 1972
  • 125 min
  • Full-HD

Indian Summer (1972)

In Italy, the gambler and professor of poetry Daniele Dominici arrives in the seaside town of Rimini and is hired to teach for four months in the local high school replacing another teacher. His relationship with his partner Monica is in crisis and he spends most of the time with his new acquaintances and gamblers Giorgio, Marcello and Gerardo. In classroom, he meets the gorgeous nineteen years old student Vanina Abati, who is Gerardo's girlfriend.

France Italy
Mondial Televisione Film Adel Productions

Alain Delon

Daniele Dominici

Sonia Petrovna

Vanina Abati

Giancarlo Giannini

Giorgio Mosca aka 'Spider'

Renato Salvatori


Alida Valli

Marcella Abati - Vanina's mother

Adalberto Maria Merli

Gerardo Favani

Salvo Randone

professeur Porra

Lea Massari


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