• Oct 28, 1994
  • 98 min
  • Full-HD

Little Odessa (1994)

Long separated from his Russian family, hitman Joshua returns to Brighton Beach for a contract killing for the Russian Mafia. His abusive father, Arkady, banned him from returning after Joshua committed his first murder. He takes up residence in a hotel, and soon everyone knows he has returned. He goes home to visit his dying mother, Irina, and prepares for the assassination, getting drawn back into the criminal community he left behind.

United States of America
New Line Cinema Fine Line Features Live Entertainment

Tim Roth

Joshua Shapira

Edward Furlong

Reuben Shapira

Moira Kelly

Alla Shustervich

Vanessa Redgrave

Irina Shapira

Paul Guilfoyle

Boris Volkoff

Natalya Andreychenko


Maximilian Schell

Arkady Shapira

David Vadim


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