• Jul 14, 2010
  • 162 min
  • Full-HD

Moss (2010)

A city boy visits a remote village to find out the reason behind his father's strange death. The locals are watching his every move and are eager to see him leave. As he starts to investigate, the village's sinister secrets begin to unravel.

South Korea
Cinema Service CJ Entertainment Sovik Venture Capital Let's Films

Park Hae-il

Ryoo Hae-gook

Jung Jae-young

Cheon Yong-deok

Yu Jun-sang

Park Min-wook

Yu Seon

Lee Yeong-ji

Kim Joon-bae

Ha Seong-gyoo

Yoo Hai-jin

Kim Deok-cheon

Kim Sang-ho

Jeon Seok-Man

Heo Joon-ho

Ryoo Mok-hyeong

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