• Mar 14, 2004
  • 99 min
  • Full-HD

Lost Embrace (2004)

In Buenos Aires, the twenty-something Jewish-Argentinean Ariel Makaroff ditches the University of Architecture and spends his time wandering through the downtown gallery where his mother has a lingerie shop and his brother runs an importation business. Ariel has never understood why his father left him when he was a baby, but when his dad returns to Argentina, that will soon change.

Argentina Spain France Italy
BD Cine Classic Film (AR) Paradis Films Wanda Visión CinemArt Fonds Sud Cinéma INCAA

Daniel Hendler

Ariel Makaroff

Adriana Aizemberg

Sonia Makaroff

Jorge D'Elía

Elías Makaroff

Sergio Boris

Joseph Makaroff

Rosita Londner

Abuela de Ariel

Diego Korol


Silvina Bosco


Isaac Fajm


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