• Jan 02, 2018
  • 90 min
  • Full-HD

Toy Gun (2018)

Ruggero, a meek young man, impulsively robs a bank to prove to his ex-wife that he is courageous and masculine. A police investigation engulfs everyone except our unassuming hero who is completely ignored. Through a set of hilarious coincidences, he gets away with the robbery, while corrupt bank officials take the fall for what looks like an inside job.

Belgium Germany Luxembourg
Calach Films Gardner & Domm Mollywood

Federico Castelluccio

Sante Casoria

Luke Allen-Gale

Ruggero Levati

John Hannah

Elio Sironi

Claire Johnston

Mrs. Landoni

Anthony LaPaglia

Gaetano Lolli

Hana Sofia Lopes

Giulia Levati

Julian Nest


Julian Sands

Officer Jonta

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