• Sep 08, 2007
  • 130 min
  • Full-HD

Hero (2007)

After six years away, D.A. Kuryu Kohei (Kimura Takuya) returns to his former Josai branch of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office, just in time for a brewing storm. Kohei's first case starts out simple enough. The suspect, a blonde-haired security guard, had already confessed to manslaughter, but he suddenly retracts his confession and takes things to court with big-shot defense attorney Gamo (Matsumoto Koshiro). It turns out that the security guard is a key alibi witness in a high-profile political corruption case, and the results of his case will directly affect the next. With the media, politicians, and a special investigative team breathing down his back, Kohei must handle the case with care (and flair) to find out the truth.


Takuya Kimura

Kohei Kuryu

Takako Matsu

Maiko Amamiya

Nene Otsuka

Misuzu Nakamura

Hiroshi Abe

Mitsugu Shibayama

Masanobu Katsumura

Tatsuo Egami

Fumiyo Kohinata

Takayuki Suitsugu

Norito Yashima

Kenji Endo

Takuzô Kadono

Yutaka Ushimaru

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