• Feb 28, 2019
  • 94 min
  • Full-HD

DJ Cinderella (2019)

Cintia is modern princess, she's connected, decided and loves music. This "pop" princess used to live with their parents in a huge castle with a nice view to the city. Every night she looked through the window and watch the view dreaming with a prince she didn't met yet. But one day her castle crumbles with everything around her, after her parents divorce she went to live with her aunt and stops believing in love. What she didn't knew was that there was a charming prince in her history, that wanted to break the ice around our modern day cinderella.

Panorâmica Agência Nacional do Cinema - ANCINE Banco Regional de Desenvolvimento do Extremo Sul Fundo Setorial do Audiovisual Miravista

Maisa Silva

Cintia Dorella

Filipe Bragança

Freddy Prince

Fernanda Paes Leme

Patrícia Rocha

Letícia Pedro

Graziele Rocha

Kiria Malheiros

Gisele Rocha

Elisa Pinheiro

Helena Dorella

Marcelo Valle

César Dorella

Miriam Freeland

Ana Dorella

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