• Mar 06, 2019
  • 101 min
  • Full-HD

The Mystery of Henri Pick (2019)

In a bizarre Breton library that collects rejected, never published manuscripts, a young editor discovers a novel that she considers a masterpiece. It was written by a certain Henri Pick, a cook who died two years earlier and who, according to his widow, had never read a book in his life or written anything but a shopping list... Did he have a secret life? When the book becomes a huge best-seller, Jean- Michel Rouche, a skeptical and stubborn literary critic, teams up with Joséphine, Pick’s daughter, to unravel the mystery.

Belgium China France
Gaumont France 2 Cinéma SCOPE Pictures Mandarin Production

Fabrice Luchini

Jean Michel Rouche

Camille Cottin

Joséphine Pick

Alice Isaaz

Daphné Despero

Bastien Bouillon

Fred Koskas

Philypa Phoenix

Wendy Bellamy

Louis Descols

Vicomte d'Archiac

Josiane Stoléru

Madeleine Pick

Astrid Whettnall

Inès de Crécy

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